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Newly wed Ghanaian recounts his first sexual experience; which was with his bride.

Sex is an uncomfortable subject for many Africans; ironic, when you think about the fact that life started in this region of earth, and two; our population. Religion makes the challenge of ‘demystifying’ sex tougher- the more religious the country, the more issues regarding sex and sexuality are swept under the rug or spoken of in whispers.

In traditional African societies girls and boys have coming of age ceremonies and dances-minus genital mutilation, overseen by elders because these older children were advancing into adulthood and knowledge had to be shared to ready them.

In Nigeria for example, many parents have a really hard time talking to their growing children about sexual growth and reproduction, so they leave the task to God first; then teachers who touch on the subject in a mostly surface and textbook-y way, as the psychological needs of the young teenagers stay unmet. This encourages the curious cats among them to seek their own information which are likely to be misleading.

Not all Africans subscribe to this amusing sexual silence though. There are countless stories of sexual rebels so to speak who speak freely about this vital aspect of humanity-the source of all of us. Many of such people own their sexuality and exploit it with willing and adult partners with no care for society’s feelings.

The guy in this video, Apostle Job from Ghana could be said to be one of these even though he is ‘new in the game’.

Job who is clearly against sex before marriage, also owing to his christian faith once led an association of a group of virgins who propagate celibacy until marriage. He recently got married and was interviewed on Accra’s popular radio station JOY F.M where he freely let out information, a bit too much information about his very first time.

Still no words for the interviewer and his invented phrase De-virginized. Awurade.

Go Job; and happy married life.


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