Seriously witty Nigerian writer and entrepreneur Onyeka Nwelue, is our guest today on 7 Questions.


With a new movie and books to promote, Onyeka is busier than ever, which is also why we really appreciate his generosity to AFRIKAJUMP. Enjoy.

AFRIKAJUMPOnyeka, you were recently in Ghana, promoting your work. What one thing did you leave the Ghanaians with and can you also tell us one thing you learned/took from Ghana?

ONYEKA: I don’t know what impact I would have made on the Ghanaians but I know that there is a colonial problem in West Africa. We have accepted mental defeat. The colonialists have messed with our brains. What I take away and learned is that we are all still slaves of the Europeans!

AJ– Deep. What inspired you to make your film Agwaetiti Obiụtọ?


ONYEKA: Oguta inspired it. Oguta was developed way early and the roads tarred. Now, they don’t have electricity, no bank, no ATM and no hospital. I needed to create a book and a film that would address the issue of neglect.

AJ– Thank you. Congratulations are in place for you Onyeka. You recently survived an accident that impacted your mobility yet have continued to work and inspire. How do you manage to put out new work and be here and there doing things you love to do best inspite of your health challenges?

ONYEKA: When I had the accident, I read what people wrote online. Like Nairaland and many other websites. People were genuinely happy I had accident and said it was karma, that it was God’s anger because I am not a Christian and because I don’t take it lightly with people when I talk about issues. They were happy I had been gotten out of the way. So, I work tirelessly to make them uncomfortable. I am here to sadden the lives of many disgruntled people.

AJ– I love that. Keep on, brother.

We all love Prof. Soyinka, but can you tell us a bit about your mutual and special love for him? And if you had to absolutely recommend just one of his works, which would it be?

ONYEKA: The Man Died. That is the book. That is the real deal. You know, this man did not want the civil war to happen. He was thrown into jail by Gowon because of that. He was in Kirikiri when my relative, Gogo Chy Nzeribe died. Right in his presence.

Soyinka genuinely loves the Igbo tribe and wants anything that will make them happy. So, I have chosen to love him that way. See how he loves Okey Ndibe, who shares same initials as me. I am blabbing but he loves Igbos just like Fela Kuti did and Seun Kuti. This is one family. I don’t know what it is but I am attached to my tribe.


AJ– Beautiful. Let’s say you are a doctor Onyeka, and Nigeria was your patient, how would that prescription/treatment go in your first session?

ONYEKA– There is a group of politicians, who are like viruses and diseases that we need to get rid of.

AJ– What top advice would you give a budding writer and entrepreneur?

ONYEKA: Keep struggling. Things will fall in place.

AJ– That was comforting. Any pearls of wisdom you’d like to leave us with?

ONYEKA: Don’t give up when things get tough. But find another way to solve your problems.

AJ– Thank you, my friend.

ONYEKA- You’re welcome.


All images by the interviewee.

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