Okay, okay, happy belated New year 2019. We do wish you the very best in this year, and encourage you to be the best you can be, for yourself, the planet and others close to you that are in it.

Year 2018 ended with so, so much activities, and this new year did not break the pattern, we have literally had our hands full. Figuratively speaking we will be needing more hands to be able to serve you guys better and more especially, FASTER.

As we are presently in Salvador, Bahia, we were only too excited for the chance to see the show of amazing Ska band in Salvador, SKANIBAIS, founded by Trumpeter, Joao Teoria from Muritiba, Bahia Brazil. This amazing band and Nigerian singer Okwei Odili thrilled us and hundreds of fans last week at Trapiche Barnabé in Salvador.

Here’s a clip of their rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’. 

Also kindly see it as a peace offering, and a sign of many good things to come from us to you, this year. ENJOY AND HAVE A TERRIFIC AND REWARDING 2019.

video by Israel Fagundes for Afrikajump.

Check out Skanibais page

And of course the fantastic Okwei Odili


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