TOSINGER releases ‘Flowers’ video.

Nigerian AfroJazz/FolkSoul singer and songwriter TOSINGER has released the video for her beautiful song- Flowers. Yeah!

By Lola Scott

Death is a theme that we mostly tend to avoid in life’s journey, even with the knowledge that it is a final certainty for everything that lives, so it is refreshing to hear one more beautiful song that reminds us to appreciate and enjoy these moments we have breath.

Flowers especially encourages us to appreciate those people that matter to us while we have them and vice versa. To quote the artist;

“ “Don’t give me flowers when I’m dead, where is the love while I live”. People tend to celebrate friends and families, celebrities, when they are dead and gone, where is the love while they were alive? “

Tosinger, who is credited for creative works like ‘FINALLY’ released in 2012 and ‘Afrospire’ in 2013 independently released her original full studio debut album titled ‘Organically Singing’ in 2015 which is currently available on all major digital outlets including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

By Simeon Fabunmi

She was inspired to write Flowers as she reflected on life and seeing social media commentaries after people have passed.  People type accolades where the deceased may have never heard a word of while they were alive, and take fresh and beautiful flowers to the graveyard where the deceased cannot smell it anymore. It is for this reason the video was shot at a cemetery.

Watch Flowers below-

Flowers by Lloyd Mackayi

According to the artist, flowers are a symbol of life, and should be for the living. I agree.

So what are we waiting for, guys? Let’s give out flowers, today.

….and connect with Tosinger here-

@Tosinger on all social media platforms.

By afrikajump

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