Kehinde Lijadu becomes an Ancestor.

Ninth of November marked a sad day for Nigeria’s entertainment and pop culture. Kehinde Lijadu, one half of the singing duo, The Lijadu Sisters famous in Nigeria in especially the 70s and 80s with their arresting funk and psychedelic sound infused in traditional swing and futuristic lyrics, passed away from health issues.

In Nigeria’s 70s, music was the weapon of choice for the twins to fight back against societal stereotypes- esp. those imposed on women and against an elitist system that naturally favored nepotism.  

Let’s take you back a little……

The women moved out of Nigeria, making sucess in Europe and the US where they settled.

They later went on the low but made appearances from time to time like on the Jimmy Fallon show some years ago where they sang songs in honor of Nigerian Singer and Synth exponent William Onyeabor.

They were, and will continually be a symbol of freedom and artistic genius, proof that politics and pop can mix.

Take heart Queen Taiwo, family, fans and well wishers. Rest in peace Queen Kehinde Lijadu.

Check out The Lijadu Sisters on Spotify

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