Some of our best Chukwuemeka Ike books and covers. RIP King.

Renowned novelist and writer from Nigeria, Chukwuemeka Ike has translated to glory on January 8 at the great age of 88, (wow) and we put together some of our best of his best sellers.

The legendary writer.

Ike, whose books are a norm in Nigerian schools, is known for referencing his Igbo heritage in his works. He was the son of a king who later was crowned king.

The Anambra State born writer chose his traditional name over Vincent, his middle name (did we hear you say African pride? yeahhh), and as a former Registrar for the West African Examinations Council- WAEC, Ike was inspired to write ‘EXPO 77’ which shed light on the scourge of Exam malpractices in Nigerian exams, often aided and abetted by those in school authority, and parents of non dedicated students. ‘Expo’ later became a slang for exam practice in Nigeria.

Thank you Mr. Chukwuemeka Ike for your service and dedication. Rest in glory.

Ok, let’s get into it….

1. The Naked Gods, 1970

2. To my husband from Iowa, 1996.

3. Sunset at dawn. 1976

4. The Potter’s Wheel, 1973

5. Our Children Are Coming, 1990.

6. The Bottled Leopard, 1985.

A classic must read in Nigerian schools.

7. The Chicken Chasers, 1980.

8. EXPO ’77

Chukwuemeke Ike is also credited for other literary masterpieces, like ‘How To Become A Published Writer’, Toads For Supper, Conspiracy of Silence and more. He has influenced generations of writers, artists and people, and will be terribly missed.

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