We Visited the National Museum of Afro Brazilian Culture!

Hi people! How’s it going?

We recently visited the National Museum of Afro Brazilian Culture- MUNCAB for short, and it was a great experience. Logically we were attracted to the exhibition of Antonio Miranda’s art donation to the museum, entitled ‘Heads of the Orisas’. The exhibition sought to pay homage to West African spirituality, and also giving more prominence to the similar religion which is practiced in Angola.

MUNCAB is situated in the old central district of Salvador, in Bahia.

Salvador, for those who may not know, is the ‘little Africa’ of Brazil. It was the historical port of arrival for enslaved Africans from predominantly West Africa and parts of East Africa. The museum was built from the ruins of the two old buildings of the State Treasury since 2002 , when it obtained the concession of the site by the Paulo Souto government and raised funds through the Rouanet Law.

Since its inception, it has gone on to host amazing works by Brazilians and outside, paying respects to the country’s African connection.

FUN FACT- The administration of the museum is totally run by women. ❤

Without much ado, let’s show you what we saw.

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