With the new release of ‘Peace and Light’ we asked Aduke 7 QUESTIONS.

Nigerian Afro-soul musician Aduke has recently given us Peace and Light, so naturally she is a prime candidate for our 7 Questions.

Album art by Uche Ugo

The prolific performer, songwriter and all-round creative being uses her primary languages- Yoruba, English and Pidgin to covey her message and experiments with the use of other languages in the world.

We also love Aduke’s art because besides being consistent, it addresses societal issues and encourages improvements in the way we are governed.

Peace and Light is beautiful and enlightening like the name promises. We could really relate. You really should check it out, via links after the interview below.

Okay let’s get into it.


AFRIKAJUMP: Hello Aduke, it’s so good to speak with you today, how are you doing and feeling?

ADUKE: Thank you. I feel good and I am very excited.

AFRIKAJUMP: You just released a brilliant 12 tracker album entitled Peace and light. What inspired this project?

ADUKE: Yes. The need to share some of the truth I have found in my journey to self discovery. Also, I have been doing music for over a decade. I thought it was time to release body of works for posterity and for the world.

AFRIKAJUMP: What were your highlights (and some low points if any) during the making of Peace and Light?

ADUKE: The recording process was fun co-producing and co-directing the live sessions was great.

Like every independent artiste, there were a few setbacks during the entire process, mainly financial, but we got around it somehow.

AFRIKAJUMP: What are your expectations for the album?

ADUKE: I hope that I get my music across to the world, get new fans and more followers across the globe as there is so much more coming to share with them.

By Ibrahim Sule

AFRIKAJUMP: Who are your present artistic influences?

ADUKE: Angelique Kidjo, Asa, Bob Marley, Beyonce

AFRIKAJUMP: Cool. How has it been for you being a woman/musician doing art in Nigeria?

ADUKE: The music industry all over the world is volatile and being a woman already puts you in a position of disadvantage. As a woman, you must work 10 times harder than the men to be taken seriously. It is a crazy terrain to be but we take one day at a time. Life itself is challenging.

AFRIKAJUMP: Any last words for this question session? 

ADUKE: I hope that this album brings to the listeners the type of healing I got from writing it. It is my desire that people learn the good things of life through music. I look forward to travelling the world and bringing my music closer to more and diverse people.

AFRIKAJUMP: Thanks for your time Aduke. Congrats and good luck sister.

ADUKE: Thank you so much.

LISTEN To Peace and Light.

Connect with Aduke.

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