Hey, how are you? If you are reading this you are probably on lockdown, probably with someone you love (you lucky devil), or maybe you are…alone- no problems there’s self love too, you know 😉 and besides, we will come out of this Coronavirus madness, stronger and better with faith and cooperation. So let’s keep our game and love fires burning shall we?

Every true lover knows there’s a difference between having sex, and making love. This list was curated by us for the latter which usually accomplishes the former, hehehe. OK without much talk, let’s begin with the song that caused a boom in earth’s population in the early 80s. Let’s start with the essential Marvin Gaye with his forever classic ‘Let’s get it on.

Hey singles, play safe. Everybody- wash your hands.

Number 2 on our playlist is ‘Emotions by Destiny’s Child. The song is an original by brothers Robin and Barry Gibbs from the Bee Gees and shot into more prominence in 1978 when Australian singer Samantha Sang covered it. It is Destiny’s child’s version however that makes us want to kiss and cuddle with it, volume on with all the lights turned off.

3 is by a very, very bad Soul brother- D’angelo. Here he covers Smokey Robinson’s ‘Cruising. The original deserves a spot on this list too. Be blown away.

Yo, number 4 is by D’angelo again, with ‘Send it on‘ from his Voodoo album.

Jazmine Sullivan ‘Need you bad on Number 5. A banger, no pun intended.

Six almost rhymes with Sex! Let’s give it up for the baritone god, Barry White. Here he sings one of his classics ‘Practice what you preach.

In number 7 we go to Nigeria via Brazil with Okwei Odili and her sultry love song ‘All I ever do.

In number 8 the legendary Smokey Robinson saves our souls with ‘Being with you.

9 is from Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, British singer of Nigerian heritage famously known as Seal and his heavenly hit ‘I am your man.

Number 10. By Ashanti. ‘Baby. Oh baby.

We hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment with your favorite love making songs if they didn’t appear on this list. VOL 2 is around the corner, so check us out more often. Follow us if you heaven’t so you can know, and kindly share thank you.

To watch live videos and performances of the songs in the list click on the link below. We made a playlist on our YouTube. Until soon, keep safe and love hard.

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