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Today May 11 is World Reggae Day, also in conjunction with the anniversary of the death of Reggae icon Bob Marley. Since the boom of the genre in the 70s and 80s, it has become a symbol of cultural and socio-political resistance as well as a means of musically sharing love, hope and positivity.

Afrikajump curated this playlist, to bless and bliss your week. (And for always).

Let’s start with Lonely Avenue a blues anthem ably ‘reggaefied’ by Stephen Marley.

2. CultureAddis Ababa.

3. The essential soul brother Gregory Isaacs with his smash hit Number One.

4. Jamaican lioness, Rita Marley with One Draw.

6. Nigerian queen Okwei Odili with Ebezine– Don’t cry.

7. Charles Organaire Cameron with I’ll never stop loving you.

8. The love song that we never tire of. Bob Marley, Waiting in vain.

9. Ugandan pearl Jaqee sings reggae blues in Letter to Samson.

10. In the late 80s, African Reggae queen from Nigeria Evi Edna Ogholi gave the world a gem when she released her song Ririovara (Dry your tears).

11. Is truly a Nice One by Wailing Souls.

12. By the Reggae Emperor himself Peter Tosh.

13. The bass and keyboards in this song will get to you. Get Up, Stand Up.

14. Waje Nigerian Soulstar and her hit reggae track I Wish.

15. Nigerian king Majek Fashek sings Love and Affection. And we melt.

16. To crown our list is Brazilian living legend Gilberto Gil with Vamos Fugir. It means Let’s escape.

HAPPY WORLD REGGAE DAY, LOVES. Enjoy the full playlist here

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