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Okwei Odili, Nigerian singer and composer has put out visuals for her acoustic version of her song ‘WAKA WAKA’. Yeahhhhh.

Waka waka means ‘to walk’ or someone who walks a lot’. The artist whose musical influences are Afrobeat and world black genres divides her time between Nigeria, Ghana and Brazil. The song was made by Jose Balbino at Casa Laranja Studios in Salvador Brazil.

The video was shot and directed by MBZ Afrika in Salvador Brazil. Check it out below.

Okwei is presently the musical director of Aweto Band, and is recording her new album which is an eclectic mix of African, Brazilian and World styles.

Connect with Okwei via the artist’s social platforms below.

The weekend of 15 and 16 November was a memorable one for music lovers in Salvador Brazil. Fans were thrilled with Brazilian and world music and also important is the bands and projects were women-led. And we were there for it, love.

The event which happened at Commons Music Bar started with the incredible Héloa from Sergipe, Brazil. Launching her second new album ‘Opará’ which celebrates the ‘meeting of waters’ and her ancestrality.

After her delicious set which left all wanting more, Nigerian singer and composer Okwei Odili and her band Aweto came on and gave an incredible performance which won them more fans. The fantastic DJ Belle then gave us something to hit the road with. Known in Brazil as a ‘Saidera’. Check out Okwei!

The next day 16 was the day for African-American duo ‘Oshun‘. The hall which was packed full of happy and excited people sang and danced along with the inspirational and exceptional artists. Take a look.

It is a thing of beauty when people- women- especially African and of African origins taking the spotlight to inspire and show what they can. THANK YOU QUEENS.


As rainhas dirigem tudo na Intercenas Musicais, Salvador.

O fim de semana de 15 e 16 de novembro foi memorável para os amantes da música em Salvador, Brasil. Os fãs ficaram emocionados com a música brasileira e mundial, e também importante por que foi pelas mulheres.

O evento que aconteceu no Commons Music Bar começou com o incrível Heloa de Sergipe que lançou seu novo álbum ‘Opará’, na Bahia. O disco comemora ‘o encontro das águas’ e sua ancestralidade.

Depois de seu set maravilhoso que deixou todos querendo mais, a cantora e compositora nigeriana Okwei Odili e sua banda Aweto apresentou uma performance incrível que conquistou mais fãs. A fantástica DJ Belle forneceu a saidera.

No dia seguinte, 16 foi o dia da dupla afro-americana ‘Oshun’. O salão que estava cheio de gente cantava e dançava junto com artistas inspiradores e excepcionais.

É uma coisa de beleza quando pessoas – mulheres – especialmente africanas e de origem africana, ficar em frente, nos palcos, para inspirar e mostrar o que podem. OBRIGADO RAINHAS.

Nigeria is famed for producing some of the world’s best writers, artists and professionals from all walks of life who have undeniably distinguished themselves in their fields, but the populous country is also unfortunately famed for massive corruption and irresponsible leadership.

There is also the giant toxic monster- patriarchy, such that it led the senators of Nigeria to vote down a Gender equality bill for the second time in 2016 citing religious beliefs as reason and also because , as one of the ‘lawmakers ‘ said, ‘The bill will give rise to lesbianism.’ #EPICFAIL

Read about it below

Still, it was highly shocking when a sitting senator of Nigeria Elisha Abbo was caught on tape physically and verbally assaulting a woman at an adult store, while his aide, a policeman looked on. Surely a ‘man’ like that would never pass a law which benefits women. Where is the law and security for women’s protection? Is there a ministry for women affairs anymore in Nigeria?

Read about the violent lawmaker below

30s Natasha Akpoti is a distinguished barrister and dedicated politician with a track record of initiating successful communal projects and more recently a whooping international deal between Nigeria and Russia.

She was harassed and is presently being threatened over her exercising her civil rights to compete in an election. Her crime? Being a woman, a beautiful woman with a yearning to change the system positively.

She reacts in the video to being booed and called ‘Ashawo’ the popular derogatory word for ‘prostitute’ in Nigeria’s streets.

The neglect of Rule of law is leading Nigeria further into doom. The constant disrespect of women and womanhood in an African nation with a big responsibility to other African nations is seriously detrimental to our societal and spiritual wellness. It does not paint our men in a good light, and more good men need to speak against their toxic counterparts.

To quote the late great Thomas Sankara, dear Nigeria,

“Comrades, there is no true social revolution without the liberation of women. May my eyes never see and my feet never take me to a society where half the people are held in silence. I hear the roar of women’s silence. I sense the rumble of their storm and feel the fury of their revolt.”

Video- Channels TV

Afrikajump sends our heartfelt support and best wishes to Natasha Akpoti. We do regret and decry a system that allow unscrupulous fellows like these thrive in their idiocy and cowardice.

AND PLEASE spare a minute or two to sign the petition for Elisha Abbo to be prosecuted for abusing that innocent woman with the link below

Tomorrow Friday 15/11 is Intercenas Musicais Festival at Commons Studio Bar in Salvador, Brazil.

The festival which boasts of a long line of some of Brazil and the world’s talented musical artists opens its doors yet again at 8PM to fans and artists like beautiful singer/songwriter Héloa from Sergipe, Brazil who came into the limelight with her first EP entitled Soltar. She will also launch her new album entitled Opará.

After her show, amazing Nigerian singer and composer Okwei Odili takes the stage in company of her band AWETO. Okwei who lives between West Africa and Brazil,  gained visibility in the enchanting South American nation when she and some local Brazilian musicians from Salvador formed a band IFA in her first visit to Brazil, which led to a joint album in 2015. Now the enchanting and inspirational artist with her band will present some of her works in true Afrobeat and Soul fashion. The show will end with a DJ set by Dj Belle.

On Saturday, the party continues with Afrofuturistic American group Oshun. The women will bring their bliss vibes, heavy beats and conscious lyrics which have earned them a growing cult following from 8pm, with locally acclaimed and respected Dj Dudoo Caribe ending the show.

For more info about the festival, check Commons Studio Bar

Ninth of November marked a sad day for Nigeria’s entertainment and pop culture. Kehinde Lijadu, one half of the singing duo, The Lijadu Sisters famous in Nigeria in especially the 70s and 80s with their arresting funk and psychedelic sound infused in traditional swing and futuristic lyrics, passed away from health issues.

In Nigeria’s 70s, music was the weapon of choice for the twins to fight back against societal stereotypes- esp. those imposed on women and against an elitist system that naturally favored nepotism.  

Let’s take you back a little……

The women moved out of Nigeria, making sucess in Europe and the US where they settled.

They later went on the low but made appearances from time to time like on the Jimmy Fallon show some years ago where they sang songs in honor of Nigerian Singer and Synth exponent William Onyeabor.

They were, and will continually be a symbol of freedom and artistic genius, proof that politics and pop can mix.

Take heart Queen Taiwo, family, fans and well wishers. Rest in peace Queen Kehinde Lijadu.

Check out The Lijadu Sisters on Spotify

This thursday August 8, Nigerian singer and songwriter Okwei Odili in company of her band- AWETO will present Afrobeat, Brazilian and World music styles in her compositions and popular classic covers at Afrikajump first party as we reach the last quarter of 2019. YEAH!

The party holds in Oliveiras, a cool pub in the serene and historical San Antonio in Salvador Bahia, from 8pm. Okwei will present in the company of Kamile Levek- Guitar, Riam Santos- Drums, Bruno Almeida- Keyboards and Normando Mendes- Bass.

The ACOUSTIC LOVE Ep by Nigerian Afrobeat/Soul Singer Okwei Odili is out!

The project comes after the Collaborative album between Okwei Odili and IFA Afrobeat- the first Afrobeat band from Salvador Brasil to gain national prominence. The EP named IFA Afrobeat + Okwei V Odili won one of Brazil’s biggest Music Awards- The Dorival Caymmi Prize in the category of ‘Best New Revelation’ in 2015. Listen here

Since then Okwei who divides her time between both countries has established her band- Aweto and they are currently recording a new album to follow Acoustic Love. Check out Acoustic Love and more of the artist’s music in the Link Below.

The EP was produced by Jose Balbino.

Picture by Adeola Olagunju.

Connect with the artist-