Nigerian singer and composer Villy Odili based in Ghana in company of his sensational band The Xtreme volumes will give their yearly ‘Uncolonised’ concert on September 18.

Villy Odili

The group, known for their groundbreaking EP ‘Humanimals’ are keeping to their tradition of presenting live and conscious quality music at One Corner Garden in Accra. This year’s concert features eclectic and soulful musicians Ria Boss and Tommywa.
The gate is 50 Cedis only, and show time is 8PM.
Those outside of Accra can watch and follow the show on Villy’s Instagram! WOOHOO.

Uncolonised concert

Merchandise made in Ghana and Africa will be on sale at the show.
Check out Villy and the Xtreme Volumes on BBC News Africa.

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Sábado terá Afrobeat e World Black Music AO VIVO

Com músicas autorais, a cantora e compositora nigeriana Okwei Odili apresenta o show “Amor, Sempre” em conjunto com integrantes da banda Aweto, formada em 2016: Kamile Levek (Guitarra), Marco Oliveira (Baixo) e Riam Santos (batera).

“A Real da Liv/fe” é uma realização dos grupos que coabitam a Casa Preta Espaço de Cultura – Aldeia Coletivo, Ateliê Cenográfico Maurício Pedrosa, Bogum Ambiente Criativo, Grupo Vilavox e Macumba Produções.
Você pode doar qualquer valor pelo picpay

O valor sugerido de R$ 12,00 pelo pagseguro

“A Real da Liv/fe” da @casapretaespacodecultura
Okwei Odili e banda Aweto
12 de setembro (sábado), 20h
Transmissão ao vivo no YouTube e Facebook da Casa Preta Espaço de Cultura.

Okwei Odili e a Banda Aweto – Foto da Afrikajump

Okwei no Facebook e Instagram



Nigerian Reggae queen Evi Edna Ogholi is one artist who evokes the most fond memories in Nigerian homes. As the creator of Africa’s most played Happy birthday song and other hits like Obaro, Jealousy, Ririovara-Dry your tears, to mention a few, she is Evergreen n history.

Evi Edna Ogholi.

Her music came at an era when Nigeria was more supportive of love and great music and this music transcended and continues to transcend age, social class and religion, touching on social and real issues of every day life and dreams for the future. She inspired many women artists in a male dominated music and art industry of Nigeria.

After 7 great albums, she seemed to be on a musical hiatus but her timeless music kept us. Now in 2020 she has decided to bless with a new treasure-The Peace and love EP.

The album consists of eight tracks, featuring artists like Matins Showpromoter (guitarist) Winning Jah (Musician) , Jude Vee (Singer) and MC Apostle Paul Odion. Her classic “Happy Birthday” was also remixed officially, with some vocal backings from Winning Jah. The work is produced by Jossy Joe for Enorecords LLC . Evi Edna will be dropping a video soon.
In addition to her new masterpiece, Evi Edna will present an online concert on youtube on September 5, which you can access here! Wow, Get ready, people.

Listen to the new EP on digital platforms, and here .
Until our next post, stay well and blessed.

Happy September.


Nigeria and Brazil team up with Okwei Odili’s ‘Wakawaka Afrobeats Remix’


Okwei’s work in Nigeria and the joint album with IFA Afrobeat band from Bahia made her and her band AWETO one of the most beloved bands on the Salvador music scene.

Photo by Wilton Cruz in Commons Studio Bar, Bahia

In her new single WAKAWAKA Afrobeats Remix, she teams up with Brazilians Jose Balbino – DJ Zebb on Programming and Production, Mateus Aleuia Rodrigues Lima on Trumpet and Jarbas Jacome on Guitar.

The song talks about love and aims to offer comfort in these special times. The first line of the chorus is inspired by Fela Kuti, creator of Afrobeat from Nigeria.

OKWEI Youtube Spotify Facebook


O trabalho de Okwei na Nigéria e o álbum conjunto com a banda IFA Afrobeat da Bahia fez ela e sua banda AWETO uma das bandas mais amado da cena musical de Salvador.

Em seu novo single WAKAWAKA Afrobeats Remix, ela se une aos brasileiros Jose Balbino – DJ Zebb (Programação/Produção ), Mateus Aleluia Filho(Trompete), e Jarbas Jacome(Guitarra).

A música fala sobre amor e tem como objetivo oferecer conforto nestes tempos em que mais precisamos. A primeira linha do refrão é inspirada por Fela Kuti, criador de Afrobeat da Nigéria.

OKWEI Youtube Spotify Facebook


Anonymous Hacktivist video threatens to expose Police crimes, Donald Trump and others.

What a f#cking year 2020 is and has been.

Anonymous cyber activists Anonymous has released a video, condemning America’s long history of racial abuse and violence towards African-Americans and calling for accountability for the injustices against them.

Screenshot of the video.

The video comes in the wake of the recent killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman, Derek Chauvin, while his colleagues looked on in silence. The video has sent shockwaves around the world, and inspired both peaceful and violent protests in America and beyond.

A screenshot of the May 25 incident.

In the video narration, Anonymous accuses Minneapolis Police Department of having “a horrific track record of violence and corruption,” claiming that the killing of George Floyd was “merely the tip of the iceberg.” “Sadly, in the vast majority of police killings, the only one left alive to tell the story is the officer who took the person’s life,” the Anonymous narrator says. “This travesty has gone on for far too long… and now the people have had enough.”

Anonymous, which recently won a Twitter appeal to remain on the site, has been linked to the recent hacking of MPD website. Police radio and sound system was also hacked and instead of commands and signals of communication, their megaphones are said to play the rap song ‘F#ck the police’ by African American group NWA.

On twitter, there is pandemonium as Anonymous has also leaked court documents of the infamous Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein case of 2016 where they were accused by a Jane Doe of Rape and other sexual offences, and a list of Epstein’s acquaintances, featuring shocking names like Naomi Campbell, some members of the Royal family, Bill Gates and more. This is some explosive Black Mirror shit.

What are your thoughts, guys? Where do we go from here? Subscribe! And be well.

The Video.

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Today May 11 is World Reggae Day, also in conjunction with the anniversary of the death of Reggae icon Bob Marley. Since the boom of the genre in the 70s and 80s, it has become a symbol of cultural and socio-political resistance as well as a means of musically sharing love, hope and positivity.

Afrikajump curated this playlist, to bless and bliss your week. (And for always).

Let’s start with Lonely Avenue a blues anthem ably ‘reggaefied’ by Stephen Marley.

2. CultureAddis Ababa.

3. The essential soul brother Gregory Isaacs with his smash hit Number One.

4. Jamaican lioness, Rita Marley with One Draw.

6. Nigerian queen Okwei Odili with Ebezine– Don’t cry.

7. Charles Organaire Cameron with I’ll never stop loving you.

8. The love song that we never tire of. Bob Marley, Waiting in vain.

9. Ugandan pearl Jaqee sings reggae blues in Letter to Samson.

10. In the late 80s, African Reggae queen from Nigeria Evi Edna Ogholi gave the world a gem when she released her song Ririovara (Dry your tears).

11. Is truly a Nice One by Wailing Souls.

12. By the Reggae Emperor himself Peter Tosh.

13. The bass and keyboards in this song will get to you. Get Up, Stand Up.

14. Waje Nigerian Soulstar and her hit reggae track I Wish.

15. Nigerian king Majek Fashek sings Love and Affection. And we melt.

16. To crown our list is Brazilian living legend Gilberto Gil with Vamos Fugir. It means Let’s escape.

HAPPY WORLD REGGAE DAY, LOVES. Enjoy the full playlist here

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Little Richard was/is a phenomenon. Born Richard Wayne Penniman in Georgia, his incredible talent and natural charisma were some of his principal traits that encase him in the World’s music history. He paved the way for Rock and Roll music and musicians and opened audiences and locations that were previously closed to people of color in America. He was both King and Queen of this bih.

Specialty Records archives

His death on May 9, 2020 aged 87 after having truly lived, is an occasion and opportunity to honor this great human.

Little Richard was discovered in 1947 by Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Godmother of Rock and Roll), when he sang a version of her music at an event. He had been kicked out from the home he shared with his strict religious family a year before. Rosetta paid him after inviting him to open her show, and Little Richard was inspired to make a living off his musical talents.

In two years he had started working and touring as a musician with several bands until he met Billy Wright who inspired his flashy and peculiar look. After recording 8 songs which failed to be national hits with a label Wright introduced him to, Richard left in frustration, hooked up with Specialty Records where he later recorded his instant classic hit ‘Tutti Frutti’ in 1955.

He gathered his dream band and a year after had another hit- Long Tall Sally.

Despite it being a known fact that Richard liked men as well, women found him very attractive.

FUN FACT Little Richard was the first musician to have women throw their undergarments at him during performances.

Michael Ochs archives/Getty Images

After massive successes and some of the overwhelming trappings that come with it, he converted to Christianity and became a minister.

We were happy when he ‘came back’ to his Rock and Roll ways.

In the UK in 1963 he performed sold out shows, with The Beatles and yet to explode The Rolling stones opening for him. This one is especially memorable.

Who could forget that classic BBC interview where his wits and generosity shone so bright?

Here he performs Good Golly Miss Molly at Muhammad Ali’s 50th birthday in 1992. Oh the graciousness.

By this time he had long been inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside Ray Charles, James Brown, The Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry and more greats.

Thank you, Mr. Richard, for your amazing grace and artistry. Farewell and Rock On.

WATCH this interesting movie by Robert Townsend about Little Richard, portrayed by Leon and starring Jennifer Lewis.

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The world lost its best drummer Tony Allen Yesterday April 30, 2020.

Pic from Google

The maestro was aged 79. This is a celebration of his life and legacy.

Nigeria’s Tony Allen co-originated Afrobeat with Fela Kuti who famously declared that ‘Without Tony Allen, there would be no Afrobeat’. The genre became a sound of resistence, loved and copied around the world and which back home in Lagos, inspired the new age genre- Afrobeats which put Nigeria’s pop music on the world map in the past decade.

Tony Allen’s extensive music trajectory has been wildly documented audio-visually, in literature , on the internet and evidently in his discography. Since the 60s where he became the musical director of Fela’s band from 1968- 1979 and after they parted ways over personal choices, both remained collaborators, with Tony Allen actively performing music till the very end of his life. We have been so blessed and lucky.

Here are 7 epic times when the Afrobeat King made us say ‘Yeah Yeah’.

1. When Fela’s band just transitioned from being called Koola Lobitos to Africa 70 in the late 60s and them with Tony Allen recorded the epic and groovy track Witchcraft in 1969.

2. With his masterful art and swing in the Fela Kuti hit song Roforofo fight from 1972.

3. In 1976 when he, Fela Kuti, the band and America’s Sandra Izsadore featured on the heavy hitter Upside Down and his drumming seemed to defy gravity.

4. When he split from Fela Kuti leaving with some members of his band and eventually teamed up with Fela and Africa 70 with his first solo album and the singled named after the album.

5. 2010 was the year Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela would cross paths during their tours. Their shared love for Fela and Afrobeat made them decide to record a joint album. Rejoice was released finally in 2019, one year after the legendary South African trumpeter passed. The album showed the minimalist side of Afrobeat. May their beautiful souls rock in peace. We especially love track 4- Never (Lagos Never Gonna Be The Same)

6. His Drum Masterclass with young people in 2016 hosted by Boiler Room UK.

7. And last but never least, a Friday Flashback to when he released his genial soul piercing single Go Back featuring Damon Albarn from his 2014 album Film of life.

Rest in Power, King. Thank you for the heavy groove.

Check Out Tony Allen on Spotify And on Youtube

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Xvilly’s lyrical message in these Covid-19 times.

Nigerian rockstar based in Ghana Villy Odili won more fans over- us included, with his earlier works, and more recently the groundbreaking ‘HUMANIMALS EP‘ with his band The Xtreme Volumes. It is a banger.

With the current Coronavirus crisis the artist has made this sonic lyrical message, calling for all of us to be safe, show love, and especially hold our governments accountable.

Villy Freestyle, beat by Worlasi.


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OF NIGERIA’S UNCOUTH POLITICAL ELITES, ANGRY BACKLASH AND COERCED APOLOGIES. Bello El Rufai Vs Nigerians Vs Hadiza El Rufai Vs Otorisieze Vs Brittle Papers.


This could easily be a long-ass read, but we shall try to break it down and properly.

Nigeria twitter and indeed social media has been on fire- almost literary speaking, in the past week. Nigeria twitter is always on fire- half the time for seriousness and the other half  for bother line silliness, but one thing is certain; that the app has become a hub where Nigerians speak up on every and anything, especially on governance. And because of the blue verification tick people know who is saying what, and especially where/who their opinions should be directed at when it concerns public offices.

On EASTER SUNDAY 12 (I know, right), Bello El Rufai, son of Nasir El Rufai– Kaduna State governor who also was the former Minister of Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory from 2003 to 2007 caused a storm on twitter. It was a storm that in the following days would grow into an unstoppable Tsunami.

Bello El Rufai

Bello was arguing with a twitter user @thanos_zer after the latter told Bello he wasn’t fit to criticize America’s Donald Trump while Nigeria’s government wasn’t doing right by its people, especially under the APC political party, of which Nasir El Rufai is a founding member. The user had described Nigeria’s president as an absentee one. At some point in their exchange, triggered by Thanos’ comments about Bello being a ‘Daddy’s boy’, Bello replied with below the belt tweets that would extend beyond his opponent, open old wounds, promote existing unhealthy tribal sentiments and make Nigerians visit the country’s deep cultural maltreatment of women- the one good that came out of it all.

Read below.

This would not be the first time Bello would attack people and their mothers over the internet that he presumed wrongly to be of Igbo extraction. The confirmation tweets below are worrisome as they are disgusting.

Bello has had his fair share of controversy. A twitter user Sugabelly took his friends years ago to court and won over a sordid tale of sexual assault. In light of Bello’s recent tweets, she voiced her opinions and he had a vulgar response. His seemingly regular trademark.

As news of Bello’s Sunday 12th rants caught on, first lady of Kaduna and Bello El Rufai’s mother, Hadiza El Rufai was quickly informed of her son’s crass comments via twitter where she is active, giving Kaduna English and French language classes amidst other activities. Her response and catch phrase “All is fair in love and war” shocked many Nigerians, reinforcing that the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The very next day she seemed to have realized the gravity of the situation and came back with ……

Former Education Minister and Bring back our girls advocate, Oby Ezekwesili was one of those who jumped in to caution Bello eary in the saga. It seemed both families had once been quite close, with Bello tweeting in the past about Madam Oby’s kindness to his family and her suitability to be a leader. On the 12th however, she was quickly and publicly shunned by both mother and son on the social platform. Soon, the print and other media began to get involved. Like some people, you may agree that this is better than Game of thrones.


In another part of the country, ObiYoung Otorisieze, an Editor with Brittle Papers, an important Nigerian/African literary website was very upset, like many others with Bello and Hadiza El Rufai. As the pen is a writer’s weapon- or these days- the laptop, Obi penned an article on the matter calling the First lady out. His boss Aniehi Edoro felt the write-up was potentially libelous with an outrageous headline and wanted the article edited. Obi did so grudgingly but it wasn’t enough. He got fired, the article got edited, Nigeria twitter caught on more fire, BP gave their statement, the inferno increased.

The popular opinion is Brittle Papers has been compromised as Hadiza El Rufai, who herself is a writer has been featured on the site. People felt there was Brown envelope involved, and to protest the censorship of Obi’s article, some of Nigeria’s new writing talents pulled their work from their site. Some authors from other demography and geography followed suit. Fast rising writer Chibuihe Obi, from Nigeria returned his prize money from BP for his work.

In El Rufai land meanwhile, Nigerians wouldn’t relent on the offending tweets and on the 5TH DAY after the media war began, Bello eventually “apologized”. It was not well received. This led to more fighting and division in some Nigerian literary, art spaces and the country.


How effective is Bello’s apology if it cannot address his clear obsession and hate for Igbos who he keeps maligning and attacking at any given chance?

How real is his apology when it doesn’t answer some fundamental questions about Bello’s upbringing and Nigeria’s unstable “unity”?  Does Bello echo thoughts of the average Nigerian Northerner about Igbos who have historically been killed many times in that region of Nigeria ?

If Bello, a political office holder can speak so badly in reference to women, on several occasions shouldn’t we imagine what the attitude of the average Nigerian man who isn’t exposed to his “education” and wealth is with women and implement how to truly better the rights of Nigerian women? Who can forget that a seating Nigerian senator Elisha Abbo, publicly physically attacked a nursing mother in a sex store.

Like Bello he later “apologized”.

Why have Nigerians allowed themselves to be walked over and can’t unite and insist on not recycling criminals in representing them for so long? It does seem the tides are changing, because the people are angrier about the contempt with which people in governance, and their families treat them even in the midst of their unending looting and blatant irresponsibility.

To end this long ass article, watch this video of Bello’s father being probed for allocating state properties to his family over a decade ago, and tell us why again Bello was so enraged at being referred to as a Daddy’s boy, that he threw every caution to the wind. Truth does hurts.

Article by Ruki M.