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Brazilian musician Andre Sampaio  released his latest Album, Alagbe today, November 3rd 2017. Great things happen in November!


The 13 track work is Andre’s second studio album and a testament of his creativity and in conjunction with his band Os Afromandinga. The versatility in culture  and music styles with deep homage to Africa and African spirituality embedded in the album is inspirational and uplifting. Alagbe is a sweet Africa and South America union and has all the ingredients of a modern Afro-Rock classic.

 Alagbe means the guardian of Candomblé‘s sacred music.  Candomblé is a an African spiritual belief system brought from Africa to Brazil by enslaved people from West Africa.

The production of Alagbe has heavyweights like Cris Scabello of Bixiga 70, Victor Rice and more, and featured musicians like Mauricio Fleury, Roberto Barreto from Baiana System, Poet Nelson Maca, Sekou Diarra from Burkina Faso, Lenna Bahule (Mozambique) and Nigerian singer Okwei Odili.

ANDRÉ 1Album Cover Art and visual identity is by Ricardo Magrão.

Alagbe is available on digital platforms, like here:

It is distributed by Planet Music Brazil / Sony Music Brasil.



The post is by Nigerian singer and composer Okwei Odili in collaboration with Goethe Institute Lagos and Insibidi Institute in honor of World Music Day 2017.


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The amazing musical couple in Nigeria, 2017.

Ayetoro, Afrobeat and Jazz ensemble from Nigeria is not alien to avid Afrobeat lovers. The band founded by pianist Funsho Ogundipe has consistently churned out great music for well over a decade and is not relenting.

The eclectic band with members from Nigeria, Ghana and the UK has seen singers like Asa, Okwei Odili, Teni Ade and more pass through on their musical journey, a testament of Funsho’s love for nurturing budding musicians and artists. The band has collaborated with some of the brightest musical and creative minds from different parts of the world.

Ayetoro has released a video for Yaro, the first single off their coming album which is yet to be titled. Yaro is coming on the heels of Irunmole, Ayetoro’s 2016 album which was well received, and has recently been released in vinyl format.

Yaro is Hausa for boy. The story is about a young man who wishes to join a secret group dedicated to the enlightenment of the common people.  In joining he is asked three philosophical questions.

In other related news, it was Ogundipe’s birthday some days ago. 8th precisely. Happy belated birthday Funsho, and thanks for the music.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-11 at 17.06.25

The song and the video are in Hausa. Click the link to enjoy more sounds of Ayetoro, and peep the video below.

Nigerian and South American music collective in Brazil; Okwei Odili and Aweto Band had their first outing in this year on February 3 at Tropos, Salvador. The gig which was also in tribute to Yemoja week in Bahia, attracted friends and fans of the band who were thrilled with Afrobeat, Soul and Reggae vibes enhanced by the band’s ancestries.


They perform Okwei’s composition- SUFFER in the link below

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Hello good people,

Five years have passed since Afrikajump was launched with love for all things humane; African; global and cultural, and in these years of mostly internet silence we have gathered more knowledge and information, created new ideas, and advanced on our initial goals.

We are happy to be back, with a goal/promise to be more out here with our activities in 2017.

One of our big news is that Afrikajump has evolved into a full fledged international network of people from various walks of life who are qualified to handle any demands of music and multimedia productions, culture and tourism news and information, food, fashion, and technology which you may have.

Attached are photos of this year’s highlights; for us, with Nigerian and South American music collective Okwei Odili + Aweto band, collaboration by Brazilian visual artists Nerize Portela and Silvia Leme, photos by Heder Novaes with cool gig posters by Natalia Arjones.

In this post you will also find photos of some remarkable events we witnessed this year, from spiritual gatherings like Yemoja festival in Salvador, Brazil, to culturally influenced Atomic Afro Fest, Festival Latinidades in Brasilia, and even from the world of sports with the impressive 2-0 victory of Nigeria’s Super Eagles over their Danish counterparts in this year’s Olympics; to sweet Jazz music by A Cinq in dimly lit beautiful Casa da Mae in Rio Vermelho.



Special thanks everyone, and have a prosperous and peaceful 2017.