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AFRIKAJUMP had the real pleasure of sitting down with Nigerian rapper Teria Yarhere, more popularly known as M-Trill Teria. M-Trill has trilled audiences with hit songs that won him fans and awards until he changed directions to pursue other creative paths. He is back on the scene with his new musical work- ABOH. This word in Teria’s language from Delta state means CLAP.

M-trill talks about stuff he did while away from music, and more.

Further below is the premiere of the track and video on this page.


AFRIKAJUMP M-trill, how does it feel to be back on the scene with your new work, Aboh?

M-TRILL I think relieved is the right word. I feel relieved to be back, music doesn’t allow you a life if you do not answer it. Every song is a reminder of what you can do, so I’m happy to be making and putting out music again.

AFRIKAJUMP What were some of the lessons you learned from your recent past time of absence from mainstream music?

M-TRILL Quite a number, more business lessons though because I started a media support company. I learnt a lot about customer service. Your client’s troubles automatically become yours. I was waking up at 4am to respond to client needs. I loved the experience. I learnt how to better manage people, I learnt more about myself and what drives me. I think what I learnt the most was balance. The art of walking the thin line and catering to all needs at the same time.

AFRIKAJUMP Congrats M-trill. Can you tell us a bit about your new song Aboh, and what inspired it?

M-TRILL Aboh was partly inspired by my very first single “Bounce” off my first album. I began that song with a phrase “where my clap at”…turned out to be very effective for performances as it was the ice breaker between the crowd and myself. I also always liked the way the churches in Warri clap and praise. The claps alone are melodious so I wanted to try and infuse all that into this song.

AFRIKAJUMP Clearly it’s working for you. Welldone. Is this single part of a coming album?

M-TRILL Yes, the album locally made should drop this year by God’s grace. There’s a lot of music I want to free myself off. So, yes we will be dropping the album this year.

AFRIKAJUMP The influence of your culture is evident in your new video. What does culture mean to you?

M-TRILL For me, it’s the balance. I really don’t rap in pidgin or any of the local languages so infusing our culture in the beats and visuals is my way of balancing it for my target audience. I needed to find a way to let people know where I am from and I didn’t want any misconceptions.

AFRIKAJUMP If you had the power to change three things in Nigeria’s music industry for good, what would they be?

M-TRILL Royalties. I would change the ways royalties are collected so more artistes can live off their art. 2. Better media platforms for performing arts…so more TV and radio shows that go beyond playing music videos and more music related content, educative and entertaining content. 3. Celebrate the diversity in music, most of the songs in the industry sound the same and that’s because we do not celebrate the diverse talents that abound, I would like to change that.

AFRIKAJUMP Thanks bro. Lastly, can you describe your city in just one word?

M-TRILL Port Harcourt is my city and that’s Home. PH is home to me.






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Instagram – @Mtrillteria

facebook – @mtrillteria


Mythical Funk and electronic music pioneer from Nigeria, William Onyeabor died on January 16 2017, according to his Luaka Bop Label. He was ill briefly and passed peacefully in his sleep, aged 70.

It would be a sacrilege, a gross oversight not to talk about this strange and unknowable ‘Fantastic man’ with his ground breaking music which entrenches him deeply in the history of Africa’s music forever.

The elusive artist who NEVER performed his music live in his lifetime became even more antisocial after embracing evangelical Christianity, turning down many interviews which sought to discuss his work. Coming from a region which was severely affected by the Nigeria/Biafra civil war of the late 60s, it is even more impressive that Onyeabor was able to emerge with his peculiar synths sound in the early 70s when the war ended, with the aptly titled ATOMIC BOMB.

After creating  his musical masterpieces including popular hits like ‘When the going is smooth and good’ ; ‘Fantastic man’; ‘Good name’; ‘Let’s fall in love’, to name a few, this mister one man band turned to business and industrialism, where he excelled in, in his hometown Enugu, also helping to build his local community.

In 2013 after “Who is William Onyeabor?” was released, his story spread across the world, inspiring musicians and people from various countries and cultures, and as he refused to play his music, there are many willing to play it, like American musician David Byrnes with the Atomic band, and the Lijadu Sisters who appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show, with Onyeabor’s compositions in 2015. There are festivals far away from his homeland dedicated to him.

Englishman Damon Albarn; Mali’s Amadou and Mariam; Money Mark and Aweto Band from Brazil are just a few of many musicians who deeply admire his musicality and innovative energy.

Part of a statement posted from New York by late Onyeabor’s representatives on their facebook reads:

“It is with incredibly heavy hearts that we have to announce that the great Nigerian business leader and mythic music pioneer William Onyeabor has passed away at the age of 70. He died peacefully in his sleep following a brief illness, at his home in Enugu, Nigeria. An extraordinary artist, businessman and visionary, Mr. Onyeabor composed and self-released 9 brilliant albums of groundbreaking electronic-funk from 1977-1985, which he recorded, pressed and printed at Wilfilms Limited—his personal pressing plant in southeast Nigeria.“
May his futuristic funky sonic soul Rest In Peace.

Check out links below to know more about the legend.

Uganda’s prince of Soul music and Actor, Maurice Kirya who’s gifted us with at least a decade’s worth of beautiful, quality music and art in his classy Mwooyo style, is a man of few words and more actions. The multiple award winning musician who had a busy 2016 is keeping his plans for 2017 under wraps, but left a message for his fans and supporters.

This message was delivered not by voice or musical notes, but in plain old fashioned pen and paper style. We like.

Subscribe with us to know when we have a chat with him-soon, we are curious to know about his reason for rejecting a Presidential invite in his country, his work preserving nature and wildlife; and of course his artistic experiences.

Enjoy Maurice’s work via his Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify channels. To get his news and updates, LIKE his Facebook page. Peace.