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Reggae’s most prominent exponent Bob Marley says in one of his songs “If you know your history, then you will know where you are coming from”. While it is favorable to some despicable elements for some histories to be erased or distorted to promote lies/lines that entrap many and enrich them and a select few, there are many people who refuse to be oblivious to their past, however unfortunate it may have been. Some of these people are Brazilians in South America who share African heritage, the Afro Brazilians.

In this second nation on earth with the largest concentration of Africans besides Nigeria, Afro Brazilians in states like Bahia, Recife, Rio De Janeiro, and Goiania insist on practicing their ancestral spiritual beliefs, especially through Candomble, which adores African gods. The religion is mostly patterned in Nigeria’s Yoruba traditional belief systems.

Every February in Salvador, Bahia devotees of Yemoja- goddess of the sea gather to sing, dance, offer sacrifices laced with perfume, talc, flowers and jewelry in hopes of

blessings from this maternal energy.

After the early morning rituals, there are musical concerts and street exhibitions and it is a beautiful sight that we are looking forward to in a few weeks, like we did in 2016.


Hello good people,

Five years have passed since Afrikajump was launched with love for all things humane; African; global and cultural, and in these years of mostly internet silence we have gathered more knowledge and information, created new ideas, and advanced on our initial goals.

We are happy to be back, with a goal/promise to be more out here with our activities in 2017.

One of our big news is that Afrikajump has evolved into a full fledged international network of people from various walks of life who are qualified to handle any demands of music and multimedia productions, culture and tourism news and information, food, fashion, and technology which you may have.

Attached are photos of this year’s highlights; for us, with Nigerian and South American music collective Okwei Odili + Aweto band, collaboration by Brazilian visual artists Nerize Portela and Silvia Leme, photos by Heder Novaes with cool gig posters by Natalia Arjones.

In this post you will also find photos of some remarkable events we witnessed this year, from spiritual gatherings like Yemoja festival in Salvador, Brazil, to culturally influenced Atomic Afro Fest, Festival Latinidades in Brasilia, and even from the world of sports with the impressive 2-0 victory of Nigeria’s Super Eagles over their Danish counterparts in this year’s Olympics; to sweet Jazz music by A Cinq in dimly lit beautiful Casa da Mae in Rio Vermelho.



Special thanks everyone, and have a prosperous and peaceful 2017.